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  Management System Consultancy
  Professional & Technical Training
  Inspection and Certification
  Reliability Assessment and
Specialized services
  Expediting for Procurement
  Documentation Establishment
for Project
  Manpower Recruitment & supply
  Project Management Assistance
  Product Development
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Why AVN Group
At AVN Quality Group, we take a consultative approach to Quality Assurance & Testing. We work with our clients to establish criteria, goals, timelines and budgets. We believe that the true utility of Quality Assurance lies in helping our clients meet their business goals.

At AVN Quality Group, Our quality assurance experts have competency in providing various types of
quality assurance services by understanding Customer's requirements and provide quality assurance
services meeting more than their expectations.
Our Services:
9 Management System Establishment and Maintenance Consultancy (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001)
8 Auditing - Management Systems
7 Inspection and Certification
6 Expediting for procurement
5 Professional Training which includes:
  - Management Systems such as Quality, HSE, IT and Energy
4 Technical Training which includes:
  - Welding
  - MNDT
  - Material and Corrosion
  - API Courses
3 Performing Non-destructive Testing which includes:
  - Visual Inspection
  - UT Thickness Measurement
  - Ultrasonic Testing
  - Liquid Penetrant Testing
  - Magnetic Particle Testing
  - Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  - Hardness Testing
2 Reliability Assessment and Specialist Services
1 Expediting for Procurement
1 Manpower Supply
1 Project Specific Documentation Establishment
1 Product Management Assistance
1 Product Development
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide services by establishing the best Quality Assurance practices to all Customer and to promote Quality awareness where everyone can learn and grow.
Our Values
Honesty and integrity are vital to everything we do. Truly, we provide importance of our services to Customer in first place. During execution of our services, we benchmark and indicate KPIs of our strong ethics and fair business practices for effective results of improvements. We live up to a high standard of open and honest communications.
Our Capabilities
AVN Quality Group believe that besides possessing quality assurance skills, an efficient and growing Quality Assurance team should have adequate quality assurance knowledge, inspection & testing skills, technical/programming skills and domain knowledge. We groom our QA/HSE team members with product, so that they understand the Customer and their expectations.

We offer management system consultancy services (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 20001, ISO 27001, ISO 29001, ISO 30001, CMMI, EFQM....etc.)
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